Re-Opening Soon

Two new developments on Ossington this week:

With the pending change of command at city hall, Mr. Pantalone must have had a change of heart. On the front of Salt Wine bar there is a sign for the re-opening of Salt Wine Bar. After deciding to open despite the Ossington moratorium, Salt was shut down at the end of September. But as of next Tuesday it looks like it’s open for business again. Head over there for some of their excellent Portuguese inspired tapas.

And the local convenience store, Central Convenience, – known to us as the “hipster convenience store” – which was owned by the folks at Lakeview, now has a big sign on the front door that it is re-opening soon as Lakeview Storehouse. Look forward to having this convenient place open again soon to stock up on supplies. It’s also a useful place for all the local restaurants who often need to stock up on emergency supplies when they run out during service.