This just in: Ossington moratorium lifted? seems to have the scoop that the Ossington moratorium has been lifted.  This story claims that’s the reason for the re-opening of Salt Wine Bar, scheduled for tonight.

This is the only source of this information, and they were unable to get confirmation from City Hall, so we will continue to pursue the news, and update here when we can. In the meantime, head out to dinner on Ossington. It’s been an uphill battle, and hopefully this means it’s over.

UPDATE: Today’s blogTO and Torontoist are confirming reports that the ban on new restaurants on Ossington was lifted on the weekend. Funny how the same way this whole mess started (without consulting the public) is how it ended (no public notice). Now that Joe Pantalone is no longer our city councillor, we hope for more communication with our local council.

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