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Re-Opening Soon

Two new developments on Ossington this week: Salt Wine Bar is reopening and And the local convenience store, Central Convenience is re-opening soon as Lakeview Storehouse. […]

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Karen Sun – Ward 19 Candidate shows good knowledge of Ossington area

Last week I sat down with Karen Sun, another candidate for Ward 19, replacing the departing Joe Pantalone. We talked about Ossington and last year’s restaurant and foodservice moratorium and the restrictions on entrepreneurial ventures which were passed to follow, as well as the surrounding parks, and residential areas, and the great mix of communities within the Ossington area. […]


A different point of view – Point/Counterpoint

As those who read this blog know, I don’t support the new regulations that Joe Pantalone is in the midst of putting in place. And, until this weekend, and hearing a few voices in the first neighbourhood hearing which I wrote about here, I had only met a limited few – generally not homeowners – who agreed with the city councilor. […]