News about Ossington Village

We’re catching you up on the latest press about our neighborhood. From the arts to restaurants, to celebrities, there has been a lot going on in these parts.

So, let’s get it over with. Robert Pattinson sightings have been fast and furious ever since his film started shooting at The Lakeview. Bloggers from Hollywood to Toronto have obsessed over where he hung out on Ossington, and the results are in: Crooked Star and the Dakota Tavern. Good choices, vampire.

Speaking of The Lakeview, the owners are being lauded as starting a new trend of restaurateurs opening food shops, as they’ve done with the well-stocked take-out and grocery, The Lakeview Storehouse.

Opera Bob’s is turning into a destination for baseball fans in Toronto. With the introduction of “Jays Days”, where they duplicate the ballpark experience for away games, with a hot dog/beer/popcorn vendor, special menu, full sound and big screens, they are getting rave reviews.

Also getting rave reviews, from Joanne Kates no less, is Bohmer restaurant. She loves the beautiful space, and if you haven’t been, they have early evening specials and serve Sunday brunch.

The Lower Ossington Theatre started a weekend cabaret series this June and comes recommended by the music critic at The Star.

The Churchill on Dundas gets a recommend as an alternative patio to the too busy Drake Sky Yard. Looks like we need to update our Patio Guide!


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