It’s not just Ossington – Mr Pantalone is against entrepreneurs.

Joe Pantalone’s reach to shut down and curb entrepreneurship extends farther than Ossington. I learned this morning that he’s also put a stop to another entrepreneur, Jennifer Decourte, who is attempting to open ICI bistro at Harbord and Bathurst area. His excuse: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, my grandmother used to say,” is the reason for blocking a liquor license application.

Prevention, however, takes many forms. It’s enforcing current laws on the books. Just because a restaurant is beside a school doesn’t mean they are going to serve to underage patrons. Remember: that’s against the law. And any restaurant owner who gets caught can lose his license for doing it.

The AGCO has plenty of rules and regulations for operating licenses, and they have the authority to put conditions on licenses. They have enforcement officers who monitor and control those licenses. Why not use them?

For Mr. Pantalone, prevention is shutting down entrepreneurs in Toronto trying to grow a vibrant restaurant and entertainment industry in the city.