The Port – updated local spot keeps traditional Beef Shishkabob

Dundas is changing quickly, and recently a Portuguese Sports bar called Ports turned the management over to a couple of locals, Sean and Christopher, to help the owners take advantage of the evolution in the neighbourhood. With a quick name change to “The Port”, this local spot has suddenly changed from a dingy bar to a retro-styled hangout with pool tables, pinball machines, a wall of video screens playing old 60s and 70s movies, and a DJ area. The Port is on Dundas West, just west of Ossington, on the same strip that houses Camp 4, The Garrison and The Red Light.

Sean and Christopher have changed much about this place, but there was one menu item that they simply loved and kept, and one we highly recommend – the beef shishkabab.

We ordered it on the recommendation of local Michael Louis Johnson, and as we were waiting noticed a whole preparation going on where a three foot metal stand was attached to our table and plates laid out nearby. Then a huge skewer arrived laden with large pieces of medium rare beef and hung right at the table in front of us. It was really impressive, and we had never seen anything like this in Toronto. We tugged hunks of meat off the dangling sword and ate them with a side dish of tasty poutine with crispy fries – a true hipster favourite.

Behind the bar Christopher worked his magic as the DJ with collection of 80s tunes – and he has dance moves too! Just keep in mind the song  “Footloose”, and you’ll get the idea.

We heard of plans to expand the menu and host special DJ nights and live performances. Check it out now – but when you go, don’t miss the beef shishkabob!

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