Salt Wine Bar Looks Open

The paper is finally off the windows, and the long, long awaited Salt Wine Bar looks like it might be open for business. They had a pre-launch event for $65/person a few weeks ago, which we didn’t attend, but the paper was back on the window quickly after.

We walked by this afternoon and the paper was off the windows and there were menus posted. It was around 3pm but it looked like the place was ready to go. The food looks good, with Galacian Octopus, Cuban Prawns (just in time for Havana Cultura Festival coming up in a couple weeks), Duck Confit and Lamb Burgers. It all sounds very good.

Here’s copies of the regular and the late night menu. (always happy that they have a late-night menu!)

The Regular Menu:

The Late Night Menu:

(we’ll ignore that the menu says July 2010)

We’ve posted the wine list here.

We’re going to head over there later tonight and see whether it’s really open. Hopefully service is quick and we don’t wait for our dishes as we did for the restaurant to open. Let us know if you head over there too.

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