Dinner at Salt Wine Bar

We went to dinner on Saturday night at Salt Wine Bar: it turned out to be the second night they were officially open, and we sampled a few items off the menu and a bottle of wine.

The menu is tapas, some cheeses and charcuterie, of assorted price points which were quite reasonable. From the homemade chips they put on the table soon after we sat down, to the cheese we ended our meal with (a Quebecois Blue and Parmesan Reggiano), every item we tried was fresh and flavourful. We have some photos, so you can see the presentation. We recommend trying for yourself!

More Tapas

The wine list is mainly Portuguese, with a few Spanish and Italian wines to round it out. We like the idea that they are serving Portuguese food and wines with a more updated twist than the other Portuguese spots in the neighborhood.

There is a bar in the front when you walk in, and then what look like bookshelves covering the walls, but they are full of bottles of wine, vinegars, oils, bags of salt and rice, etc. The back wall even has jars of preserves with the Salt label on them. It’s a dimly lit, comfortable atmosphere. The staff is also really gracious, and very helpful when we had questions about the wine list. We have a feeling we’re going to be more educated about Portuguese wines very quickly!

It took a long time for Salt Wine Bar to open, but it’s here, so let’s enjoy it! We’ll be back.

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