Can I get a damn Tomato? Soon, but it’ll cost ya!

SaltWhen I was at the community meeting a few weeks ago talking about Joe Pantalone’s sudden and un-explained moratorium on new restaurants on Ossington, someone in the meeting asked why you could find lots of restaurants on the street, but you couldn’t buy a damn tomato on the strip.

As Toronto Life has pointed out, there’s been a big growth in gourmet food stores throughout Toronto. Salt Wine Bar, is also looking like they are going to be having a gourmet food shop attached to the restaurant. So maybe they’ll be selling fancy organic tomatoes, but probably not what the fellow was looking for, and probably for more than he’s willing to pay.

In other news, it looks like Chef Paul Boehmer is opening a place on Ossington. Did he get his application in before the deadline?

And Ossington hits the National Post yet again with a full summary of all the goodies on our fair street.