Celebrating Cuba on Ossington

This August 19-22 mark the dates for the Havana Cultura Festival in Toronto, and this festival is really making great use of a variety of venues on Ossington, plus some on Queen West and Dovercourt.

The festival was founded and is sponsored by Havana Club Rum, and it celebrates Cuban culture in all it’s forms, and each venue on Ossington will highlight something different about that culture.

Delux, a well known home for Cuban food, is featuring a special Cuban lunch each day of the festival. On opening night, Reposado hosts a unique cigar lounge in the backyard patio, with a rolling demonstration, and free samples for guests.

On Friday, August 20, Levack Block focuses on the art of Cuba, with a gallery set up in the second floor (who knew they had a second floor?) and graffiti created live and displayed on the wall outside. The Ossington is hosting a rumba party on the same night.

So, along with music, dancing, Cuban food and art, Levack Block, Reposado, Julie’s Cuban on Dovercourt, and Camera Bar on Queen West are all turning Cuban.

Live music performances at The Painted Lady with the Elmer Ferrer Band, Watusi has the Orlando Cardozo Latin Jazz Trio, and The Ossington features The Kevin Barretto Jazz Trio.

After all the partying and dancing, wind it down on Sunday with some Cuban brunch at Delux or a BBQ at Sweaty Betty’s. Full schedule (and it is quite full) is on the website.

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