Fishbar Opens their Doors

It’s been months of waiting, but now it’s over. FishBar, the much anticipated restaurant owned by William Tavares, of Salt Wine Bar and, as we learned earlier, Mark Moore, formerly of Rodney’s Oyster Bar, opened it’s doors tonight, with a soft launch and a shortened menu of mostly Oysters.

The space, at 217 Ossington, (UPDATE: phone #?647-340-0227) ? just south of Salt and Pizza Libretto, has been vastly transformed, from it’s old 70s decor to a new, modern looking and clean space, ideal for munching on mollusks and preying on prawns.

In the next few days the menu will expand to include sushi dishes, ceviches, tartare and other grilled, poached and otherwise cooked swimmers.

If you want to keep up with them their website is here, but still under construction. But who needs a website when you can follow them on twitter at @_fishbar, and Facebook.

Head on down to check them out!

Some other shots of the room and the oysters below.


  1.  There are a few phone #’s floating around out there for Fishbar. The correct one is 647 340 0227.

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