ToDo to become FishBar

With the re-opening of Salt tonight, after the end of the restaurant moratorium hopefully Ossington keeps growing with new restaurants and bars. And it seems it’s going to happen.

Tonight we saw a sign on what was ToDo bar. It seems to be updating into a new restaurant called Fishbar. The sign mentions a lot of tempting seafood such as oysters, lobster and soft-shell crab.

We always look forward to new places, and also have a love for seafood. So we are looking forward to a revitalized ToDo lounge and to eating some ocean delicacies.

We’ll keep an eye out, and if you hear anything more about the menu or an opening date, please let us know!

UPDATE: We have learned this morning that it is the same owners of ToDo who are updating their current location. It is something they have been talking about for a while and it was time to do a rebranding and remodeling of the current location.