Mystery Solved – 1164 Dundas West will be Ossington Station

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.31.49 AMAfter our post about the contradictory information we were reading about the next incarnation of 1164 Dundas West, William Tavaras of Fishbar cleared things up – he is opening Ossington Station. The interior of the former Arrow Cafe is being transformed into a late-night eatery. After The Arrow Cafe obtained their liquor license, the lease was transferred over and the rebuild of the location began.

The plan is to open on May 1st.  They’ve already set up a countdown clock on their website and are actively posting on Twitter and Facebook. The menu will focus on small comfort food items and the intention is to stay open until 4am to catch the post-bar crowd who are inevitably hungry as another option to The Lakeview. They posted this menu about 12 days ago as a sample of what’s to come:

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.31.03 AM



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  1. Thought we would try The Ossington Stop on the way home, and our high hopes for a superior snack or late night meal in comparison to local offerings such as to the Lakeview or BQM (which sadly rank mediocre at best), quickly turned to disappointment. $8 for a mac ‘n cheese… Nothing was cheesey about it. A cream sauce with a cold, burnt layer of cheese on top. Tiny. Sausage pie? Inedible. The potatoes were underdone, and the crust burnt. Doesn’t work for take-out, as it went cold, even in our nearby proximity… The server was sweet, but frazzled. Black tower wine? Seriously? I could have drank a glass of sugar at home and enjoyed it more. $4 shots will bring the crowds in, but I’m never stopping for the Stop again. Get your shit together Ossington, and learn to serve quality, reasonably-priced food.

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