RAW Rising at Ontario Bread Factory

Last night we attended a special event at the Ontario Bread Factory, in the laneway behind Ossington between Rolyat and Foxley. The party was thrown by RAW, the Toronto design firm behind Ossington’s Motif Lofts and an array of other building projects around the city and beyond. And what a party it was!

Along with sampling some amazing appetizers from chef and Globe and Mail columnist Michael Tong of Sublime Catering, we also met the owner of the factory, who is closing down to focus on environmental initiatives and work with Canada’s Green Party.  He makes Polish rye bread for bakeries in Toronto and as far away as Kitchener. RAW has drafted plans to turn this old factory space into townhomes, but, because it is in an alley, they are facing resistance from the City.

We got to tour the facilities and enjoy the fabulous food and drink, including free beer from Steamwhistle, harder-to-get scotch from Glenfiddich and ice cream from a conveniently parked ice cream truck. We also watched some of the factory workers still making the bread.

For the time being, you can still go there late night/early morning (depending on your outlook) and buy a loaf of bread. None of the involved parties knows quite when the factory will close, and when the building will be converted. We’ll let you know when we do!

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