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Ossington and Rebecca is going to change soon with the addition of new housing in Motif Lofts and Towns. Motif is close to selling out their loft units, so they are changing their plans and releasing more lofts. The intention is to break ground this summer with the hopes to have people in the new homes in 15 months or less.

I met with Shane Fenton at the sales office for Motif last week. He and his father run Reserve Properties, which has multiple projects across Toronto. Shane has been hanging out in the Ossington area for a few years, and when the site at Ossington and Rebecca became available, they jumped at the chance to take it over. He is a big fan of the neighbourhood and believes in creating unique residences suited to people that want to experience the neighbourhood.

Fittingly, the architect behind the project, Roland Rom Colthoff of RAW Design, is a local who understands what the living options are and what is missing. In a recent article about the building, he points out that the buyers at Motif “…are people that would have bought a Victorian in the neighbourhood, but would have to renovate it.”

Of course, I had to ask Shane what his favourite spots are on Ossington. His answer? Pizza Libretto and Levack Block, but, like all of us, he likes the variety.

So, for people who are looking to move into our neighbourhood, Motif still has some towns and lofts. Future plans include creating more townhomes on Givins, behind Ossington.

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