At least they didn’t call it HipsterVille

Where Hesco Electric, the wholesale electrical equipment company that left the Ossington strip about a year ago, was there is now a new sign for a condo development that is going in called Motif.

There is a brand new arty looking sign with pencil drawings of young people dancing, running, doing yoga and going to work. We assume the old retail space on the main floor will be used as a showroom space until they start actually building the real thing. Right now is unfinished new drywall.

According to the website it’s going to be a place “for those who prefer to live where creativity reigns” and “eschew the traditional in favour of modern and eclectic” – and in our traditional Toronto reverence to all things New York, it will be where “life takes on a distinctly Soho vibe”.

UrbanToronto reports that there will be commercial space at grade level, with 4 stories of residential – 12 residential condos and 9 townhouses on Rebecca Ave.  So potentially there’s a chance for some good retail space below.

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