Who Tweets on Ossington Now!?

About 9 months ago I wrote about the few Ossington businesses who were using Twitter to market their businesses. At the time it was thin. Rolly’s Garage and Pizza Libretto were the early adapters. In order to expand the target I also made an Ossington mention of neighbour The Black Hoof.

In the meantime a number of other Ossington businesses have joined the twittersphere and the community, Ossington Village blog included.

The community has grown.

Back in the early days, it was PizzaLibretto who was on Twitter. And they still tempt us with their daily specials, as well as their community interactions.

Delux lets us know the changes in their menu and new offerings:

Lab Consignment, out of Silver Falls Vintage, lets us know the celebs that are haunting their locale.

The ever-delightful Cindiloowho helps promote other businesses in the area, in this case @chefRoccoTO, of Pizza Libretto is opening Enoteca Sociale next week.

Our favourite tequila joint on Ossington helps out their neighbour at 134 by tweeting their next exhibits.

We do have to give some honorable mentions to neighbourhood locals and entertaining tweeters @whetmyappitite and @modernmod who keep us entertained and informed.

And let us know if there are other twitterers on Ossington, and of course, keep an eye on @OssingtonVil to keep up to date with us.