Ossington Village Businesses Taking Breaks

Popup at Pedal Stop

You may have noticed some Ossington Village businesses taking breaks recently, with doors closed and lights off. In some cases, a new business has popped up in the regular’s place. You worry they may be closed for good. We can ease you minds – in most cases, the owners are having a much needed rest and/or working on some renovations.

Pedal Stop Bike Shop

The northeast corner of Argyle and Ossington looks different these days! Yes, there’s a pop up jewellery and accessory shop at 127 Ossington Avenue where The Pedal Stop should be. But don’t worry, this is only temporary – the bike shop and repair store is simply taking a break for winter. They plan to reopen after some renovations in time for next year’s cycling season.

Pedal Stop taking a break
The Pedal Stop’s latest instagram post


The doors are locked at night and there is nothing behind the bar at 88 Ossington, but according to Omaw’s website, this closure is temporary. The southern restaurant is doing renovations and will reopen in January 2018.

Omaw Temporarily Closed
Notice on Omaw’s website

Pizzeria Libretto

You’ll have to get your pizza fix elsewhere for a little while, as Pizzeria Libretto just announced they’ll be closing the Ossington location for a short time. The flagship location launched in 2008, so in advance of their 10 year anniversary, they are shutting down to renovate at 221 Ossington. No word on when exactly the venerable pizza shop will reopen, just sometime in 2018.

Pizzeria Libretto closing for renos
Notice from Pizzeria Libretto’s instagram page

Hope you’re feeling relieved that your favorite place on Ossington is not closing for good! Happy Holidays!

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