Jess’ dead sexy bad ass mother f***** pulled pork sandwich

One of the hidden culinary gems of Ossington is the menu at the Painted Lady.

When you walk into this funky little bordello themed bar, food is not what comes to mind. Empty seats early in the evening, no kitchen or even prep area visible, crumpled plain paper menus, and prices which suggest that food is going to be pulled from a freezer in the basement all tell the unwitting visitor that you won’t want to sit down and eat.

But we suggest you do!

A few weeks ago we sat down at the bar early in the evening, and as time went by we decided it was time to get some food. We were about to head out to one of the many places on the strip, but were convinced to stay and try some food from the small kitchen. The recommended item? – Jess’ Dead Sexy Bad Ass Mother F**** Pulled Pork Sandwich. And was it ever great.

It turns out that The Painted Lady takes their small menu seriously. Put together by Jess, sister of owner Nicky, all the ingredients are prepped well in advance in a home kitchen, so they can be quickly put together in the small space in The Painted Lady. The pulled pork is cooked for hours on end using a tangy, vinegary sauce which makes it perfectly tasty. It is served on a fresh local Portuguese bun with fresh greens on a wooden board. It’s both rustic and delicious.

Other menu items include the One Love Vegetarian Corn Soup, served with cornbread; Gotta Getta Grilled Cheese, with honey and fresh basil; and the more famous White Trash Nachos, with beef chili and Cheez Whiz.

The amazing thing about all the food at The Painted Lady, is that they make everything fresh, with real ingredients. If you order a drink with sour mix at the bar, you can be assured that it wasn’t store-bought, but that the citrus was juiced by the staff. (we’re still not sure about the Cheez Whiz thing). Right now the food is the best deal in town – with the Pulled Pork sandwich being only $7.95. Get one soon, because we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed, and when more people figure this out, the price is sure to go up.


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