Table d’Oz Recap and Photos

Table D'oz

Yesterday was a beautiful day to enjoy the fall weather with food supplied by many of the restaurants of Ossington at a big outdoor harvest table. Table D’Oz was that and more. People of all ages and from all parts of the city and beyond came to 109 Ossington to sample some of the city’s best food, all for a good cause, The Stop. I was there, I brought friends, we ate some delicious food, and took some photos.

The event began at 2PM, and the parking lot at 109 Oz was set up with one long harvest table in the centre, flanked by smaller tables for all the participating restaurants to serve their dishes on each side:

The tickets were $2 each, and many of the dishes and the beer only cost $2. As my friend Gavin said, “We ate and drank for $10 each!” Plus, we got fed by some of the hottest restaurants in Toronto, including The Grove, Hawker Bar and The Lakeview.

The ladies from The Painted Lady were serving their signature pulled pork sandwich:

Derek from Grasshopper Records was spinning some great tunes, keeping people entertained while they ate:

On to the food: Hawker Bar served up their wings, the tofu and banana fritters. They don’t look like bananas with the green shell, do they?

Boehmer offered up some really hearty lamb sandwiches:

I didn’t even get photos of Yours Truly‘s deviled eggs or the salt cod iniri. Sorry, I ate it too fast! I did get some shots of the pork pies from The Grove:

The Saint was doing a brisk business with their perogies, doubtless thanks to the lardon topping! Mmmmm bacon:

The Lakeview served up three choices of sliders: pork, beef or veggie. There was a drinks table, and Lakeview Convenience had some packaged goods for snacking. BQM offered sweet potato fries, Amaya Express was serving some samosas, and More Than Pasta had a lasagna dish that looked great too! The number of visitors increased quickly, but line-ups never seemed too long:

The harvest table came in handy and made for a friendly, community feel to the event.

I hope the success is reflected in the proceeds for The Stop!

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