Lakeview Storehouse Finally Opens the Doors

It’s been a long time coming, but the Lakeview Storehouse, which resides beside the 24/7 Lakeview Restaurant, finally opened their doors. It brings a place to the neighbourhood where one can ‘buy a damn tomato’, as well as a number of other vegetables, fruits, spices, dry goods, candies, chips and other supplies.

The Lakeview is reminiscent of an old, classic grocery store with bulk bins and fresh vegetables laid out on a centre table. In the back there is a service counter and, up in the front windows, seating for those who choose to eat their purchases on location. Prices for the produce are written on chalkboards around the room.

In the back of the new Storehouse location is the prep kitchen for the Lakeview, and they will be expanding their merchandise to include in-house produced salsa, pesto, and other sauces to sell retail rather than as restaurant offerings. This week, while they are preparing and building up their inventory, they are only open until 11pm, but they plan on being open 24 hours per day as of next week.

This place should be a blessing to many of the local restaurants who often need to buy ingredients after normal work hours, and will have a place to run and grab supplies, including a wide variety of bulk spices. It will also please the local school-children with many types of candy in jars along the center aisle for after-school treats.

They are also offering a catering menu with both platters and full-service meals, which can include many of their Lakeview signature dishes including their specialty poutines.

Check out some of the pics below:

[cincopa AkPAhk6cOZaa]


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