A late night meal at Union

Last week, after going to see Neko Case at Massey Hall, we stopped by Union Restaurant, Teo Paul’s new restaurant mentioned earlier. I hadn’t eaten yet that night and it was late, just after 11pm.

The staff was friendly, and quite casual, and invited us to sit down at a table. They warned us that they might not be able to make all the menu items, which was fine. We ordered a salad and the charcouterie platter, as well as a couple glasses of wine. One of the glasses was a little sweeter than we preferred and they were quick to replace it with a another.

Both dishes were quick to arrive and were both interestingly presented as well as made with fresh ingredients. Neither were particularly complex dishes, but sometimes those are the hardest to perfect. Overall a great meal. We’ll need to head back for more!

Oh, and they have their website going at www.union72.ca