Lululemon Ossington Opening Friday

Lululemon Ossington

Lululemon OssingtonLululemon Store to be called The Local Is Opening Tomorrow

Lululemon is opening a retail concept store called The Local on Ossington this week. We heard the news of this opening back in September, and it’s been confirmed by Lululemon that the concept store will open this Friday, December 16th at 96 Ossington.

Expected to be a Men’s Concept Store

From everything we’ve read, this new Lululemon store will focus on men’s apparel and lifestyle. According to a video posted on the company’s social media, the store will involve collaboration and be a “breeding ground for innovation”.  Perhaps some of the collaboration will occur with other local Ossington businesses. The Local team has already engaged with Academy of Lions founder Dhani Oaks, who is being labelled a “The Local ambassador” on Lululemon’s Facebook account. This is a good partnership for Lululemon, because they want to outfit all of the athletes at the crossfit gym.

96 Ossington

As we know, 96 Ossington is a prime piece of real estate on the strip. When HD cafe came in this past summer, taking over studios and rehearsal rooms below the Lower Ossington Theatre, they renovated and rebuilt it into a very nice retail space. Now, not surprisingly, this very big commercial brand is moving in to that spruced up, large space. We’ll swing by the new Lululemon concept store at 96 Ossington this weekend and take some photos. Let us know if you get in to shop or browse, and what you think.

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