Lululemon Coming to Ossington

lululogoYesterday’s blog post about the closing of HD Cafe at 96 Ossington led to a sharp reader tipping us off that Lululemon is taking over the space.

A quick search on Lululemon’s own website confirms this news, as they already have a page devoted to a Lululemon Ossington location.

Lululemon Ossington
From Lululemon’s website

96 Ossington is a big room for Ossington, and in a great location, next door to the Lower Ossington Theatre and across from Bang Bang and the line-ups that ice cream engenders, so if Lululemon is looking for foot traffic, it’s here. Also, Lululemon’s stock is down amid ongoing struggles, and they are experimenting with different retail ideas, so maybe this Ossington store is another test for the future.

The store hours are empty on the page. As HD Cafe’s last day of operation is this Saturday, September 24th, and the space is in great shape, perhaps Lululemon could open as early as October 1st.  That may be ambitious. We’ve reached out to Lululemon to find out what the Ossington store will include and when they expect to open it. We’ll keep you posted.


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