Bike Parking Photos – Tuesday afternoon, 4pm – Bikes everywhere.

Bikes, bikes, everywhere!  There have been some inspiring pictures on twitter lately about the need for bike parking in the neighbourhood –  highlighting the general frustration. So we thought we’d take a walk around and see how easy it is to find a place to secure your bike on a Tuesday afternoon.

The simple answer – it isn’t easy, even in a very off-peak time in a neighbourhood that isn’t known for a lot of office workers. While it’s fantastic to see so many people being environmentally conscious and taking their bike around the city, imagine how challenging it is on a Thursday night when we actually have people visiting the bars and restaurants. We see bikes getting precariously parked on unsafe scaffolds, on private fences, and unfortunately onto gas meters, which is seriously unsafe. The rings on Dundas just west of Ossington were removed on the last round of construction and never replaced. There are a limited number on Ossington, most of which are taken by the people who work locally, before the visitors even arrive.

Check for yourself. Share some pictures too!

Outside Reposado & Town Moto

South of Foxley

Scaffolding outside of Fishbar

Trying to sqeeze in near the hardware store

The Fence along Foxley


  1. Looks like Ossington could use some bike corrals, same as Kensington Market…

  2. Nice to see so many bikes, love it! But parking would be great, There are some new ones on Dundas near Beaconsfield that look great and function well too.

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