Bunda Lounge

Bunda Lounge opened recently on Dundas just east of Ossington, and we have ventured in to meet the owners and find out what the place is all about.

Ivan is the owner of Bunda Lounge. Ivan has a lot of experience in planning parties and events as a DJ throughout the city, and makes the place lively and fun.  He is friendly and warm: every time we’ve been to Bunda Lounge he’s welcomed us as if we are old friends visiting him at home. This warmth and friendliness extends to the customers: It’s a diverse mix of people from all over, communing over the cool music and vibe.

Speaking of music, Bunda Lounge introduces the Ossington neighborhood to different types of music, and people are excited. Each night has a different theme: Wed- Jazz and Blues, Thurs- Brazilian Night (Bossa Nova and Samba) , Fri- Classic and Deep house and Sat-Kizomba, Zouk, a popular Angolan dance and music genre,  and Top 40. On Saturday, they offered some dance lessons early in the evening, so check it out and learn Kizomba – if you haven’t seen it before, here’s some video.

They are open for business Wed/Thurs 7pm-1am; Fri/Sat 7pm-2am and Sun 7pm-12am, and they have a daily rotating menu, that is Afro-Latin style tapas. Last Saturday night, Ivan served us some good treats, including his own creation: a chicken muffin.


  1. I will like to know who is your DJ on Saturday 15,2011 Indeed I will like tickets and who do I contact.

  2. Hi this Ivan from Bunda Lounge, the Dj on the 15th is Dj Halan, one of France’s top Dj’s, and he is coming directly from Paris for this Special Event.
    Tickets are $20 and you can call me to get the tickets.
    Cheers 647 802 8404

  3. This club is a joke! Anytime I’ve been there it’s been empty. Probably because of it’s over priced drinks and the horrible DJ’s. Don’t waste your time!

  4. These ppl need to learn how to run a business. The “security” is a joke, drinks are 10$ plus and every employee is drunk halfway through the night..including the “one” bouncer who’s suppose to hold it down in case there’s trouble. How safe can you possibly feel in that box they call a club. What an illusion. They’re lucky if they stay in business 1 more year. They must be getting fined left right and center for all the incompetence. There are 10 other spots in the city that play Zouk that are a thousand times better than this place.

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