1. I did not have my voter’s card but brought a utility bill and my credit card which according to the City of Toronto webpage on voter ID, should be acceptable. The polling station assistant did not accept this and insisted that I show something with a photo on it. I couldn’t find my health card initially, but eventually did so was able to vote. He was going to deny me a ballot otherwise. This is not right. I wonder how many people he turned away who had proper ID? He said he was screening for 12 hours and knew what he was talking about. The paper sign posting acceptable ID did not match the City of Toronto website info. What’s up with that? Which info is correct? Why is the Election Officer doing for the money they are being paid?

  2. I heard some similar things from a friend in Ward 18, but didn’t experience this myself. Did anyone else find this?

  3. We had our voter’s card and ID but were turned away at the poll because we weren’t on the voter’s list. After an afternoon of phone calls with MPAC, we returned to the poll at 6:50 and were on an updated list. Very frustrating after living at the same address for over 30 years.

  4. If you had a voters card, doesn’t that mean you’re on the list anyway? isn’t that where they get that list?
    Kind of a weird story. Did you think there was funny business going on at the polls?

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