Hawker Bar Gets License Go Ahead

We are delighted to see (HT to Trinity Bellwoods CA) that Hawker Bar can finally join the breweries, tapas bars, and other fine dining establishments on the street and start serving liquor. If you hadn’t been following along, there were some neighbours who were opposing the license fearing drunken late-night patrons. There were a few conditions to the go-ahead (mostly very minor, and courtesies any sensible bar owner would do anyway), but at least they will be allowed to stay open late. We’d like to give a big thanks to Mike Layton, who, we understand, worked hard to bring the two sides together.

They have already been receiving a lot of press, and the biggest challenge they will face is having a seat for every patron that wants to visit. It’s a small place and there are already lines there from early in the evening to try their Singapore street-food style cuisine.