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Ossington Village on hiatus

Ossington Village on hiatusIn April of 2009, a neighborhood resident started a blog to vent his anger about the city preventing growth. Businesses were finally succeeding on Ossington, and the local city councilor put a screeching stop to it with an unwelcome restaurant moratorium.

After that first initial burst of anger, Brian pivoted OssingtonVillage.com into positive posts. He celebrated the pioneers building businesses and a community on the Ossington strip and nearby Dundas West. I offered my suggestions, got my own login, and the blog became an extension of our partnership.

This coming May, this blog we call Ossington Village, after the neighborhood we dearly love, will be 10 years old. It surprises us every time we say it, but that much time has passed with shops and cafés and galleries (RIP galleries) and restaurants opening and closing and new ones opening again. The landscape has changed a lot, and we’ve been fortunate to experience, witness and chronicle those changes, most for the better.

We won’t be here to celebrate our blog’s 10th year, nor will we be updating the blog. We’re taking a hiatus from the neighborhood and the blog. It’s too difficult to write about local events from afar. Once we are back in Ossington Village, we hope to pick right up where we left things, but that may be some time from now. In the meantime, keep changing and growing and following your passions, wherever you are, especially in Ossington Village! All the best in the new year.


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