Ossington’s Anice Jewellery is Expanding

Anice Jewellery expanding
Anice is expanding on Ossington


Anice Jewellery
Anice Jewellery, 102 Ossington

Anice Jewellery on Ossington is expanding into the upper floors of the Ossington building it currently occupies. The main floor of 102 Ossington is no longer big enough for Anice’s needs so they’re taking over the upper floors of the building.

Anice Jewellery on Ossington

Anice has made 102 Ossington its home since the summer of 2015 when it expanded from it’s original location in Kensington Market. 

The shop sells one-of-a-kind and custom jewellery by owner Brittany Hopkins. She named the brand after her grandmother, who she calls her inspiration. The upcoming expansion of the Ossington shop is a success story. In addition to selling beautiful jewels, Anice Jewellery offers workshops, with public and private classes and parties.

Anice Jewellery Expansion 102 Ossington

According to a post on the Anice Jewellery website, the business has outgrown the current space. Anice is introducing what they’re calling “The Apartment,” a two-story loft space above the current shop, and plans to open it in December.

Anice Jewellery 102 Ossington
Anice Jewellery Announces “The Apartment”

This new space allows Anice to offer more workshops and private events for their customers, or as Hopkins calls them, “jewel babes.” Other changes are in the works but still to be announced. We’ll find out more about The Apartment at its official launch day of December 1st.

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