Ossington Village Alley Party Performers Announced

Maracatu Mar Alberto performing at Alleyway Party

We now know the musical acts at this Sunday’s 7th Annual Ossington Village alleyway party.

About the Ossington Village Alleyway Party

The Alleyway Party is this Sunday, October 22nd from 2p-10p. The residents will open their garage doors and welcome neighbors, friends and strangers to eat, play and dance together.

The event is free but we do ask you to contribute what you can to help us cover expenses.

Music and dancing is courtesy of the talented local performers signed up to play in the alley on Sunday.

This Sunday’s Alley Party Performers

We’ve updated the event’s Facebook page and we have a preview of the Alley Party performers for you here. Keep an eye on the event page for updates and tentative set times.

LIVE performances by:

Maracatu Mar Aberto: This band often kicks off the party with their drums and dancing and it’s a great start to any party!

Maracatu Mar Alberto performing at Alleyway Party

Rose Kain: Back for a return performance after last year’s great set, this young local sings and plays guitar. Look forward to a great selection of classic songs.Alleyway Party performers

Michael Louis Johnson: Our music curator for the day will do his own set, hopefully with some of the originals from his new album, Half Moon Half Crazy.

Alley Party performers
Michael Louis Johnson at a previous alley party

Polky Village Band: This folk band is making their first appearance at this year’s alley party, and will perform Polish and other folk tunes on Sunday.

Polky Village Band

Kingdom of Birds: Check out this kids rock band at the Alleyway Party. This is not their first gig, either. They’ve been regular at Kensington Market’s El Gordos, and even have an upcoming show at The Garrison for Indie Week.Kingdom of Birds

Balfolk Toronto: Get ready for the much loved folk dancing of Balfolk Toronto! They will definitely play songs you can dance to and there will be plenty of time to learn the moves yourself! Talk about fun and friendly. This is an alleyway tradition.Alley Party Performers Balfolk

Moskitto BAR:  Get ready for a show with this band’s eclectic mix of Balkan, Celtic, Middle East sounds and more. Moskitto BAR is a returning favorite of the alley party. Bring your energy for more dancing!Moskitto Bar Alley Party Performers

Rambunctious: Another returning favorite, this time where the audience makes up a song title, and the band of horn players makes up a song, on the spot! Come with some creative ideas for song titles that don’t already exist.Rambunctious Alley Party Performer

Freeman Dre has played the alley party every year and this year, the 7th, is no exception! This Toronto based folk rock outfit will bring the party to the alley party.

Freeman Dre Alley Party Performer
Freeman Dre and The Kitchen Party are regular favorites at the alleyway party


Tamar Ilana sings folk songs, including Spanish flamenco and Balkan party tunes. She is a singer and a dancer and will hopefully be sharing all of these talents with us on Sunday.Tamar Ilana Alley Party Performer

Quique Escamilla is a Juno Award winning World and Folk Musican who plays a great show in the Alleyway! Yes, he’s another returning performer, so come join him and all of us in the alley for a day of great live music!Quique Escamilla Alley Party Perfomers


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