Pictures from the 4th Annual Ossington Village Alleyway Party

Our neighbourhood knows how to throw a party. Yesterday was the 4th annual Ossington Village Alleyway party where neighbourhood residents open their garages to share food and beverages and fun.  People of the community and the city connect, meet and listen to some of the best local musicians in the city – all organized by Michael Louis Johnson – who all donate their time and enthusiasm to make the city and our community a better place. This year was a great event despite some late day rain. After some moving the show into garages, the evening continued until the last band, an a capella group called The Press Gang Mutiny who had everyone dancing and singing to sea shanties.

We’ve posted some pictures here, as well as put the entire collection on our Facebook page here.

The day started around 3pm with Ventanas playing folk tunes from all around the world and sharing some folk dancing tips. IMG_3122

There were lots of activities for kids including puppet shows and a couple of face painting stands.


The band QuiQue Escamilla put on a great show of latin and Caribbean flavoured rock and folk tunes which had the crowd dancing.


Next up was Eva Moon, a regular local musician who is getting her start as a band leader. She performed some traditional Portuguese songs as well as a number of her own originals.


Then the day progressed with Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party performing their style of Parkdale folk rock.


The crowds had a great time dancing and singing along to the tunes.


At this point the sky turned dark and the rain began, but it didn’t stop Rambunctious from starting out their horn improv music and many continued to dance in the rain.


When the rain became too much, the show moved indoors and Lemon Bucket Orkestra moved to the back of the garage, drew people in and had everyone dancing.

The evening ended with Press Gang Mutiny although we didn’t get any pictures of their show as it was late and getting dark!

We’re looking forward to many more years of Ossington Village alleyway parties!