Inside Sweet Addictions Candy Store

Sweet Addictions ExteriorOssington and Dundas has a new and unique Candy Store!

Sweet Addictions opened earlier this month at 1134 Dundas Street West, just east of Ossington. This is not your average candy store. In fact, when we stopped in to check it out, we saw a lot of products we had never heard of before, let alone seen.

As I said, this is not your typical candy store. For one, the inventory goes well beyond candy to cover a variety of snack foods. Cookies, chips, breakfast cereals, gum, peanut butter, and candy are on offer at this new shop.

Sweet Addictions sells different flavours of your favourite brands

Do you like Oreos, but you’re bored of the regular and double-stuffed? Sweet Addictions has several very interesting versions of the popular cookie, including a Swedish fish flavour!

This variety extends to all the products in the store: from Lays potato chips that taste like chicken and waffles to Nestle Crunch Girl Scout cookie versions, you will definitely find a candy or snack you haven’t tasted before.

They also sell exclusive products

This new candy store has candies we’ve never seen before and foreign products like marmite that are hard to find in Toronto. If you like chocolate or sour candy or lollies or chips, they’ve got something for you. Be prepared for the prices to reflect the distinctiveness of the products.

Sweet Addictions is open daily and is on the north side of Dundas, just east of Ossington, next to The Lakeview. Right now, they have some special products for Halloween, and expect them to bring in new products seasonally for other holidays, like Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

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