Ossington Business Profile #19: TA2

Unedited TA2 West (7 of 9)In our return to profiling local businesses after a long hiatus, we focus on local business TA2, Tatoo Sound + Music. Located at 68 Ossington, this business opened this past February.

You’ve probably seen their bold sign on the building in between Academy of Lions and Té Restaurant but didn’t know what TA2 is. Now you can find out! When an award-winning employer opens an office on Ossington, they are bringing people to the neighbourhood to work and enjoy the other amenities, so kudos to TA2 and a late welcome!

For those of you who don’t know, the Ossington business profile allows the business owners and employees to share their opinions on Ossington, what it’s like operating on Ossington, and tell us their favorite place (or places) on Ossington.

And now onto our business profile of Tattoo Sound + Music.

What is your business?

Tattoo Sound + Music (TA2) is a post audio production company that specializes in making stuff sound better than you ever expected!

How is your business unique?

By combining our audio obsession with a controversial business tactic called ‘being nice’®, we’ve attracted a group of insanely talented composers, sound designers, directors, music licensers, and producers. Together we’ve crafted award winning audio for every medium – TV, radio, apps, games, animation, feature films, even transit sounds. We are also proud supporters of local art and double as an art showcase space with an in house curator.

How long have you been in business here?

TA2 has been in business for six months here on Ossington and as a company for nine years. Our second location is in the East End of Queen St. in Leslieville.

What drew you to be here on Ossington?

We wanted to have the city covered from East to West. It’s important to be in close proximity to our advertising agency network and we thought that Ossington (or “OZ” as we like to call it) was the most vibrant place to be on the West end. We loved the feel and the energy of street and felt we would fit in perfectly and add to the culture of the area.

What changes have you seen on Ossington since your business has been here?

A lot of revamping on the strip! Plenty of new restaurants, pop up shops and art murals.

How do you see your business and Ossington five years from now?

We see Ossington at its peak in five years, and TA2 being a part of its strong collaborative community.

What is your favorite spot on Ossington other than your own? and why?

We are still exploring the street and surrounding area, but so far our favourite spots on Ossington have to be Rashers and Union – Rashers seems to have followed us! With their original location by our East end studio, we were thrilled to find out they opened up one down the street from us on Ossington. Bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips for the win!

Again, I mentioned we took a break from the business profiles, but we will attempt to provide more of these in the near future so you can get another look at who and what are keeping the street vibrant and growing. Reach out if you want to be profiled!

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