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Is Ossington dying already?

With all the hoopla going on around how ‘hot’ Ossington is, it was interesting last weekend to walk down the street and see the reality of the situation. There are still a lot of places on Ossington not leased, nor will they likely be leased in the near future. […]

A different point of view – Point/Counterpoint

As those who read this blog know, I don’t support the new regulations that Joe Pantalone is in the midst of putting in place. And, until this weekend, and hearing a few voices in the first neighbourhood hearing which I wrote about here, I had only met a limited few – generally not homeowners – who agreed with the city councilor. […]
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Ossington Restaurant Study – Council Passes Motion to Limit Local Entrepreneurship

Today the city council met to discuss the Ossington Restaurant study and the recommendations presented by the city planner Jeff Markowiak. The amendment to the city laws prohibits restaurant sizes to less than 175 square metres and restricts any second floor use or patios by restaurants on this small local strip. Unfortunately council voted to pass this restrictive amendment. […]