OSSFEST Recap and Photos

The first ever OSSFEST was a long and busy day of cycling, music, food, shopping and dancing. Ossington street was shut down for an unforgettable – and blazing hot – day. Thanks to the Ossington BIA for putting on such a fun – and very complicated – event! We have a recap and some photos, but for more photos from the day and night, go to our Facebook page here.

OSSFEST: The Ossington Crit

The day started with cycling and kids ages 5-15 riding their bikes along the Ossington Crit route, later to be populated with semi-pro athletes racing through the heat for long stretches (90 minutes in 35 degrees!).

OssCrit Kids Race
Ossington Crit Kids race

The Crit proved to be extremely popular with people of all ages, and people who had never seen a crit before are excited to see it again! We got to watch some great cycling, with races for amateurs, fixies, and more seasoned women and men competing for prizes in fastest laps and overall race purses, which we were told were high for Ontario. The race route along Ossington was generally pretty crowded with viewers, but along Halton, Givens and Rebecca, there was plenty of room to view. For full results from the races, go here. Congrats to all the winners and finishers. The races were exciting to watch.

Crit On Givens
Ossfest: The Crit
Ossfest: The Crit – women racing on Rebecca Street

OSSFEST: Music Fest

OSSFEST also included some great music at the north end of the closed off street by Dundas West. Festival goers danced and drank on The Painted Lady patio to live music including reggae, brass bands, and more:

The Responsables
The Responsables on the OSSFEST music stage
Heavyweights Brass Band
Heavyweights Brass Band on the march at OSSFEST

The street was packed with revellers all day and night, with people enjoying all that Ossington has to offer.

OSSFEST: Restaurant Patios

Patios were crowded with people taking a break in the shade to watch The Crit from Tiger of Sweden, hosting Cote De Boeuf, to Reposado, The Ossington and Mamakas, to the music stages near Pizza Libretto.

Mamakas was busy with their side patio during OSSFEST
La Cubana with sidewalk take-out

OSSFEST: Sidewalk Shopping

There were so many people on the street and the day was so hot, that popping inside for a break and a little shop was a great idea. A lot of the retailers brought their goods outside, and Telegramme Prints even offered a kids’ art workshop which was well received!

Telegramme OSSFEST
Telegramme Art Workshop for Kids
Crywolf OSSFEST Buttones
Crywolf and Button Machine had free OSSFEST buttons

Did you enjoy OSSFEST as much as we did? Share in the comments and definitely check out our Facebook page for more photos!

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