Daily NXNE Guide to Ossington – Wednesday Edition

downloadHere’s our daily guide for locals who want to check out some of the great music and comedy happening at NXNE in our immediate area – each with a bit of description of what you’re going to expect to find. Within a short walk there’s also more great music at The Great Hall, The Drake Hotel, The Gladstone Hotel and the Mod Club. Check out the NXNE guide for more details.

Grasshopper Records on Dundas is hosting a free NXNE Kickoff starting at 7PM, featuring sets by Biblical and The Cola Heads. Post-punk rock for free!

The following shows require a wristband or are pay as you go (usually $10 -$15):

The Garrison:

9:00 PM Ben Boles – One man (with an opinion on Ossington), one guitar, one pedal looper, a drum machine. What more do you want?
10:00 PM PROGRAM – Dark, 80s style, with heavy bass. Think Joy Division.
12:00 PM Special Guest – Who knows? Will the National show up?

The Dakota Tavern:

8:00 PM Nick Faye and the Deputies – Think Ryan Adams fronting a prairie-based Arcade Fire
9:00 PM Hartwell Littlejohn – Raw Americana alt-country on 20 years of wanderlust, relationships, and restaurant jobs
10:00 PM Trevor Alguire¬† – Nashville sounds – country sweetness, but he’s from northern Ontario.
11:00 PM Tommy Brunett – He’s got a song called “I like Beer” (that’s made right here) – he’s not talking about Bellwoods though. Country fun.
12:00 AM Todd May – Steve Earle, Tom Petty style vocals, Ryan Adams-ish lyrics. Big alt-country sounds.
1:00 AM The North – Pure Canadiana – with pretty female vocals.

The Painted Lady:

8:00 PM Star & Micey – Melodic country-stylings from Memphis, TN
9:00 PM Fine Canadian Forces – Loop pedals, guitars, cool lyrics, and many layers of sound.
10:00 PM Bravery Cat (Carlo Meriano) – Quirky country/folk/pop with pretty vocals
11:00 PM Golden Bloom -Danceable Pop-rock sounds from Montclair, NJ.
12:00 AM Girlfriends and Boyfriends – Dark, fast punky 80s style rock from Vancouver, BC
1:00 AM The Weak Need – Alt-rock – pop, but slightly dark.

 Comedy at the Lower Ossington Theatre:

8:20 PM Keesha Brownie
8:40 PM Dustin Chafin
8:50 PM Tyler Morrison
9:00 PM Tim Nasiopoulos
9:10 PM Gilson Lubin
10:00 PM Bryan Hatt
10:10 PM Aaron Weingott
10:20 PM Ashley Moffatt
10:30 PM Graham Kay
10:40 PM Allie Myers
10:50 PM Mike Rita
11:00 PM Ted Morris
11:10 PM Darcy Michael
11:20 PM Eddie Della Siepe