Avenue Q is Back at Lower Ossington Theatre

The Lower Ossington Theatre has become a popular theatre in the last few years, in no small part due to two musicals: Avenue Q and The Rocky Horror Show. Avenue Q is now back, and if you like to laugh and have fun, you should go see it.

We have now seen Avenue Q at Lower Ossington Theatre twice – first, a year and a half ago, and again on Friday night. The show is about a recent college grad trying to make his way living on his own in the only part of the big city he can afford, Avenue Q. The show follows a mix of people and puppets, and the puppets are played by people standing and talking right next to them.

In this production, many cast members are the same as last time we saw the show, and all of them are talented and enthusiastic. Many cast members play more than one role, handling two puppets with little break in between. One of the things you notice is that the voices are so distinctive, you are never confused about who is talking, even if it’s the same person doing two characters. The puppets are acted so well: you see the emotion in their eyes. It’s silly to say; but if you see it, you’ll feel the same way.

Besides the great acting and singing of the stars, the show itself is so well written and hilariously politically incorrect – which is why it won best musical, best book and best original score at the Tony Awards in 2004. This may be a puppet show, but it is not suitable for kids. With topics like sex and racism, and songs titled “If You Were Gay” and “The Internet is for Porn,” this is a musical for adults – even adults who don’t normally like musicals. Here are some photos from the show:


Ave1Avenue Q is playing Thursdays – Sundays at the Lower Ossington Theatre until August 3rd. Buy tickets here.

Oh, and PS: Rocky Horror is coming back in October!



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