Ossington Business Profile #15: Philip Sparks

The 15th entry in our series of business profiles is Philip Sparks. Philip, a Toronto-based designer, recently opened his eponymous shop at 162 Ossington. This beautiful retail location is adjacent to Ideal Coffee, on Ossington and Foxley. Here, he answers our questions about his business and our neighborhood:

What’s your business?

I design, manufacture and retail a collection of men’s and womens apparel and accessories, all here in Toronto. Our retail space is on two levels at 162 Ossington (side entrance off Foxley)

How is your business unique?

I think it’s unique that a product is still manufactured in Canada and strive to make as much here as is still possible. The collection is a mix of tailored pieces (I love a good blazer or a coat) and most of the work I do has a modern nostalgic feeling to it. I’m always looking to history for inspiration.

How long have you been in business here?

I opened the shop just this past March 2012 so about 4 months now.

What drew you to be here on Ossington?

I have lived in the neighborhood for the past 5 years and watched the strip grow and change. I was starting to notice more daytime traffic and tourists. I tried it out in a collaboration  Trunk Shop with I Miss You at 63 Ossington. We were embraced and found our own permanent location here at 162.

What changes have you seen on Ossington since your business has been here?

Well there have been several other new daytime retailers and restaurants open on the strip. Moto Town, Bellwooods Brewery and Hawker Bar just to name a few.

How do you see your business and Ossington five years from now?

I would like to expand our offerings including men’s and women’s foot wear a full line of bags and smaller accessories. I hope we need more space in the neighbourhood eventually. I also look forward to participating and hosting in community events.

What is your favorite spot on Ossington, other than your own? and why?

To name just one isn’t possible. I have had many a latte at Ideal (my neighbour), many a cubanno at Delux, a great time at Bellwoods brewery and Reposado. I can’t think of a place I haven’t enjoyed myself.

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