Ossington In the News: August 2018

Bellwoods Patio ossington news

News coverage of local Ossington businesses includes expansions, renovations, and menu updates. We have a roundup of Ossington news for August 2018.

Bellwoods Brewery Looking to Expanded

Bellwoods Brewery expansion Ossington news
Ben’s Beer Blog with the scoop on Bellwoods Brewery’s expansion plans

While there is little confirmation from Bellwoods Brewery itself, Ben’s Beer Blog has details of the popular brewer’s Ossington expansion goals. So, the team is supposedly working to expand into the space currently occupied by Montreal housewares store V de V. The retailer has only been at 120 Ossington for a little over 2 years, and the blog post says it may not happen until after the lease is up, which could be a 5 or 10 year lease. Ben’s post includes some very detailed renderings from the brewer’s proposal.  Bellwoods Brewery is one of Toronto’s most respected brewers and has already expanded into other parts of Toronto to keep up with demand for its beers. We hope an Ossington expansion happens because we are fortunate to have this brewery here. We also hope V de V stays in the area. We’ll let you know when we know more.

Peace Collective Offers More Milkshake Choices

Peace Treats Ossington news
Peace Collective’s Instagram announcement

Ossington’s Peace Collective got some attention with yesterday’s instagram announcement about its milkshakes becoming Toronto food news. The decadent milkshakes produced in-house are now available as you like. That’s right, custom content is encouraged at Peace Treats. Mix and match to create your own concoction. Available at the Peace Collective store at 131 Ossington.

Local Bars Among Toronto’s Best

Best Bars Ossington News
Time Out Best Bars in Toronto

Earlier this summer, some of our favorite local bars became some of the city’s top local bars. Time Out selected three local bars as some of the 15 Best Bars in Toronto. A belated toast to Mahjong, Sweaty Betty’s, and Get Well!

Hullmark Making Changes at 46-54 Ossington

Hullmark Ossington news
Hullmark Development rendering for 46-54 Ossington

One of Ossington’s biggest landowners, Hullmark is making changes to the strip. The developer is renovating the former residential buildings at 46-54 Ossington.  Plans include maintaining the facades and height of the buildings while converting street level to retail and renovating the upper stories into more modern residences. As Hullmark also owns 120 Ossington, maybe they can work out a deal with V de V to take over one of these new spaces further south on the strip, thus keeping Bellwoods and V de V happy and on Ossington.

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