Town Moto opens, bringing motorcycle gear to the neighbourhood

Town Moto opened on Ossington this week, and we got a chance to meet Marika, the owner, and check out the wares of this fresh new retailer for all things related to the motorcycle. Town Moto is located at 132 Ossington, formerly occupied by Virginia Johnson. The store is full of gear, clothing, accessories, magazines, ¬†and more, all dedicated to motorcycles. You’ll now see some nice bikes parked outside and the staff are full of considerable knowledge on the topic. For those who are interested, Marika let us know that neighbours have pointed out that there are now a lot of good looking guys – often in stylish leather jackets – who are stopping by. So even if you aren’t into motorcycles there may be other reasons to stop by and browse the shop.

They’re open daily, so while you’re strolling the neighborhood, stop in and say hi. Keep an eye on their blog for the latest fashions and products they have in stock.