Hawker Bar Causes Neighbour Concerns – Share your thoughts.

The other night we received a note in the mail from some concerned neighbours about Hawker Bar, the new occupants of the unopened space just north of Foxley previously occupied by Crepes and More (and prior to that Bar a Soup). They are looking to bring Singapore Street Food to Ossington. (see video described by Anthony Bordain)

To keep you as informed as possible, we’re sharing the letter from the concerned citizens as well as the local information package from the team behind Hawker Bar.  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1.  I don’t have a comment on the resident’s concern for noise, but I do have a comment on the proposed menu. The glaring North American twist I can see to Singaporean street food is the price. $17 for Hainese Chicken Rice? Really?

  2. So 9 months on, they are doing brisk business and are now intending to put in a 23 seat back patio (a rarity on the strip). I doubt Foxely Street neighbours will dig that.

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