Another Candidate for Ward 19 – Joshua Shang

I received a greeting note on the site from another Ward 19 Candidate – Joshua Shang. He attached a link to a website still under construction, but then, upon request redirected me to his facebook page which is now active.

It looks like he’s just getting his campaign going and he doesn’t have much online, but here’s what we know now:

Joshua works as a business analyst for a wealth management software company and grew up on College Street where his parents owned and operated a restaurant. So he’s a local guy.
For high-school he went to Jarvis Collegiate and then took economics at the University of Toronto.
After spending some time in Pennsylvania as a consultant for Vanguard – a U.S investment and pension company – he returned to Canada and now lives close to Ossington on Strachan Ave.

He outlined in an email his first platform planks, clearly focussed on his specialty, economics:

  • Closing the fiscal gap between spending and revenue.
  • Raising property taxes annually by approximately 3 % (which essentially has happened over the last 4 years) is not a sustainable model.
  • Moderate spending.  There are expenses that this city has taken on that aren’t immediate or necessary.

Joshua says:

“I believe in bringing people together and helping them understand both sides.”

“In terms of the ossington strip, I’m sure we can come to a better resolution than the status quo (which I’ve read, and experienced first hand) that both sides are not happy with.”

Amen to that!

Joshua promises to continue to expand his platform in the next little while, and we’ll keep you up to date.

A recent Toronto Star article has also mentioned a few other candidates who have thrown their hat in the ring including Jack Layton’s son, Mike Layton, bike shop owner Derek Chadbourne, Karen Sun, executive director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, local activist and repeat candidate Himy Syed, and recently profiled Jim Likourezos. We’ll try and have some profiles of the other candidates up soon.

Who’s up for a candidate’s debate in the Ossington Village?