Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell – An Oz Studio show

The Cardboard Brains - by Vincent Carlucci

Vince Carlucci is a long-time Toronto musician, having co-founded the band Cardboard Brains back in 1976. Back then he was also taking pictures of his favourite bands, Iggy Pop, The Ugly, The Ramones, Blondie and others. Toronto, along with New York and London, was pivotal in the late 70s punk movement and many of the best musicians the the time came and played.

There are shots from Patti Smith’s show at Seneca College in 1976, (price of entry: $7.50) as well as Lou Reed playing Massey Hall.

Recently Joe Fuda connected with Vince and put together an expo of some of the shots he took which went up recently at the Oz Studios at 134 Ossington. It’s a cool little show to walk around and remember the era.