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The Latest News

This summer has been busy here in Ossington Village with openings, events, and the controversy that seems to accompany change of any kind. We’ve got a round up of the press coverage of all of this and more. […]

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Ossington LaneWay Art Project Benefits Community

If you’re in the neighborhood this weekend, make sure to stop by the alleyway behind the west side of Ossington between Queen and Humbert Streets. That is the site for the “Brighten the Corners For the Love of Art” mural project to beautify the laneway and transformm it into a 24 hour art gallery that’s accessible to everyone. […]

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Theatre and Art

Ossington Street Art

You can walk down Ossington on any given day and not notice the large amount of graffiti, or, as it’s called “street art”. Yesterday on a little neighbourhood walkabout I took a few pictures of the interesting art along the lower section of Ossington. Were there any good ones I missed? […]