The Almost Annual Ossington Village Alleyway Party Returns On Sunday

Ossington Village Alleyway Party 2018

The Ossington Village Alleyway Party returns on Sunday, October 14th. After 6 years in a row, and a last minute cancellation last year, the neighborhood bash is back in the garages behind Foxley and Argyle just west of Ossington.

2016 Ossington Village Alleywyay Party
Drumming in the alley 2016

As in prior years, the event is free as it is hosted by neighbors. Local musicians perform for free and neighbors share their food. Organizers will ask for donations to help cover costs.

Musicians and bands slated to perform include:

The performance schedule is still to be determined but the music will start mid-afternoon and end before bedtime so as not to disturb the neighbors. Since we’ll never know who called the city last year, the organizers are making all efforts to not disturb anyone!

In addition to the music and food, bring books, CDs and clothing to swap. Be ready to dance and make new friends.

Bring your family, friends, neighbors, dog, everyone is welcome. Fingers crossed for good weather.


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