Focals by North Coming to Ossington

Focals by North Ossington

Ossington is getting a showroom for a new tech start-up brand called Focals. The Canadian tech company North announced their new brand yesterday. Focals locations are in two of the world’s coolest locations: Brooklyn, NY and Ossington Avenue in Toronto.

Focals by NorthFocals by North Ossington

North Inc. is a high-profile Canadian start-up with an exciting new product and it’s coming to Ossington. The industry calls Focals “heads-up displays” but computer glasses describes it well enough for us consumers.

We learned about the company from the reporting of several tech publications, which experienced the brand yesterday on Ossington. Here’s a recap of the hands-on preview of the glasses. It’s a next generation of Google Glass. Each pair of glasses is custom made, looks and fits like regular glasses, and has a holographic projector imbedded inside so that only the wearer can see it.

Focals Ossington Showroom

The brand new showroom is where you’ll be able to experience the high-tech computer eyewear, and is at 113 Ossington Avenue. Focals fills the last empty space of the 109 Oz retailers. 113 Ossington is directly south of women’s retailer The Latest Scoop, and just north of Fresh City Farms.

We walked by today and the team is getting the space ready for the public. There’s loose materials inside but the showroom opens in November. One of North’s founders admitted the company chose Ossington and Brooklyn because of the early adopters and advocates for new tech who live and work in those neighborhoods.

113 Ossington North Focals Opening
113 Ossington prepping for opening of Focals by North

Want to buy a pair for yourself? You can make a $100 deposit to reserve a pair today online at the Focals website. The total price is $1299.


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