Boralia Is Closing

Boralia Closing

Boralia LogoOne of the city’s best restaurants, Boralia at 59 Ossington Ave, is closing. The team behind Boralia just announced the closing on social media and we are still processing this news.

Boralia on Ossington

Boralia, with slightly different spelling, opened at 59 Ossington in 2014. Prior to Boralia, 59 Ossington had housed restaurants, but none lasted very long. 4 years is a long time in the restaurant business. Boralia has received a lot of acclaim during those 4 years, topping best of lists year after year.

The restaurant is known for putting new, modern spins on classic Canadian dishes, from before Canada was known as Canada. Seafood, game meats, and creative cocktails and desserts all added up to making a meal at Boralia distinct and memorable.

Boralia is Closing

The team behind Boralia is a husband and wife, Chef Wayne Morris and Evelyn Wu Morris. They have spent the past 4+ years building this excellent restaurant, and congratulations to them for succeeding in such a tough industry. According to their post this morning, the combination of a “new addition to their little family on the way and ever increasing rent…” is why they are closing Boralia on Ossington.

Boralia is Closing
Boralia’s Facebook post this morning announcing their impending closure
You have until Saturday, November 10th for one last bite of pigeon pie, or piney mussels, or their donuts. Make your reservation!

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