There’s a Drake Pop Up on Ossington

Drake Pop Up Ossington

Drake Scorpion Popup Ossington

There’s a Drake pop up shop on Ossington to coincide with his tour hitting Toronto this week.

Drake in Toronto

The Drake pop up coincides with his Aubrey and the Three Migos tour happening at Scotiabank Arena this week. The Scorpion shop, named for Drake’s latest album, is located in the former Jonathan + Olivia store at 49 Ossington Avenue. Merchandise associated with the latest tour and album is available exclusively at this store.

Drake Scorpion Popup on Ossington

The exclusive Drake and Drake and Migos collaborative items on sale range from 3 pairs of tour socks for $40 to an OVO x Scorpion tour jacket for $1500. There’s tour t-shirts and signed merch included as well!

Drake popup on Ossington
Merch on display at Drake’s Ossington popup for Scorpion

All of the items for sale are displayed in glass in the space. There are plenty of staff (and security) on hand to help you make your decisions. As you enter the store, you’ll receive a print out of all the items on sale with prices, along with a sharpie. Just circle what you want, write in the size, put your name on top, and easy peasy you can spend your money really fast.

Drake Pop up Ossington
Items for sale at the Drake Scorpion pop up on Ossington

Drake’s Ossington pop-up is open at 49 Ossington until 8PM today, and again tomorrow, August 21st from 10am until 8pm. No cash. Credit and debit only.

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