Light Up The Laneways Ossington Kick Off This Week

Light Up The Laneways Ossington

LanewayProjectTOThanks to the Ossington BIA, our laneways are going to be brighter in the near future. The BIA campaigned for the opportunity to be one of two pilot neighborhoods in Toronto with The Laneway Project. The other neighborhood is Bloordale. This Thursday, Light up the Laneways Ossington kicks off with an inaugural event in the alley!

The Laneway Project

A not-for-profit group trying to transform Toronto by better utilizing our laneways, The Laneway Project is working with community stakeholders on innovative projects. In Toronto, we’ve seen initiatives for laneway housing, for example, but the laneway project is looking more broadly. The planners and urban designers behind the group see potential for green spaces, community events (akin to the Alley Party!?) and even micro-businesses in Toronto’s untapped laneways.

Light up The Laneways

Light up the Laneways is focused on making the laneways more friendly and accessible to pedestrians. The LED lights they buy will help make the laneways more pedestrian friendly than they already are.

Light Up The Laneways Ossington Kick Off and Community Visioning

This Thursday, July 5th, join community members, the BIA and the architects behind The Laneway Project to provide your input into where the lights will go in the Ossington laneway. The event starts at 7PM in the alley behind 6 Ossington, near Queen Street West. There will be food, drinks, mural painting, alley walks and more.

Light Up The Laneways

Light Up The Laneways Fundraiser

The project is also seeking money to buy the lights and do all the engineering behind it. Donating through the gofundme page or at the event are two ways you can help! RSVP for the event on Thursday now.

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